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Beaches of Oaxaca

You will be spoiled with an abundance of things to do and see along the Oaxaca coastThere are so many beaches to explore and so much to do and see during your stay.  Be amazed at the fascinating eco-tourism, beautiful landscape, delicious and fresh seafood, and warm Mexican culture this gorgeous coastline has to offer.   Let’s take a tour…


Bahias de Huatulco

Huatulco, Mexico consists of 9 bays and 36 beaches, all with a different personality and charm.

Bahia Conejos is located East of Tangolunda and consists of four beaches: Conejos (meaning Rabbits), Punta Arenas, Arena and Tejoncito. The 4 Conejos Bay beaches are excellent for diving, swimming and fishing. Its unique beauty is a high potential for short-term development. Read more about Playa Conejos

Santa Cruz is the hub of commercial and tourist activities. It offers many amenities including hotels, craft shops, bars, restaurants, excursion agencies and rental shops.  Enjoy a day of fun in the sun on the beach or book a fishing/tour boat, hobie cat or seadoo and enjoy a day out on the water exploring Huatulco’s 9 bays and 36 beaches. Read more about Playa Santa Cruz

Playa Santa Cruz

Playa La Entrega lies toward the outer edge of bahia Santa Cruz, Huatulco. This 300 meter long beach is the southernmost of the Santa Cruz beaches and is popular for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and diving. It features numerous palapa restaurants and a pay-to-use restroom. Read more about Playa La Entrega

Playa La Entrega

Bahia Cacaluta is located southwest of the main beach of the bay of Santa Cruz and received its name from the Zapotec word meaning “black bird”, cacalote, the name for a variety of crows or ravens.  This bay is the perfect setting for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of its flora and fauna.  It has been said that when King Juan Carlos of Spain came to visit Huatulco in 1993, he declared Cacaluta to be his favorite beach. Read more about Playa Cacaluta

Playa Cacaluta

Bahia Maguey is the perfect beach to spend the day.  Whether it be relaxing on the fine white sand or swimming in the clear, warm Pacific waters, this is one beach you don’t want to miss.  The name Maguey is one of the most representative plants in Mexican culture and is the plant used to make agave tequila and mezcal, two of the country’s traditional drinks. Read more about Playa Maguey

Playa Maguey

Playa Arrocito is located just before Tangolunda Bay in the resort town of Huatulco.  Only 300 foot long, this great little playa was named as a result of the sand that looks like small grains of rice. Its name comes from that feature. The sand is very different from other beaches of Huatulco, it is a little thicker with small shell fragments mixed with rocks. Although not a large beach, is a favorite in Huatulco and is surrounded by luxury hotels, villas, single family homes and condos with spectacular ocean views. Read more about Playa Arrocito

Playa Arrocito

Bahia Chahué is one of the most popular beaches in Huatulco and a favorite with travelers and locals. Chahué means humid place because many years ago there was a freshwater lagoon near the beach that became a home to animals including crocodiles, cougars, and deer.  It’s soft white sandy beaches make it very enjoyable for strolling along the shore or practicing yoga. Take in a volleyball or soccer game, enjoy some live music at the beach club or simply relax beachside and watch the waves roll in. Read more about Playa Chahue

Playa Chahue

La Bocana is a 15 minute drive east of Santa Cruz and is best known for it’s great surfing.  Surfers discovered this region and began competing here in 2003, increasing it’s popularity amongst the surfing community. Read more about La Bocana

Playa La Bocana

Barra de la Cruz is a village located east of Huatulco and is the perfect place for those seeking some great surf and to get away from it all. Read more about Barra de la Cruz
Playa Arrocito

Playa San Agustin is a must visit during your stay along the Oaxaca coast.  This stunning out-of-the-way beach is considered the most beautiful of all the 9 bays of Huatulco.  Whether you arrive by land or sea, Bahia San Agustin will leave you with a feeling of pure bliss and relaxation. Read more about San Agustin
Playa Arrocito

Beaches of Puerto Angel

Head south of Huatulco along the coast where you will be further amazed by the beautiful beaches the Oaxaca coast has to offer. Offering their individual take on the coast’s attractions, each beach provides something different. Long golden sand beaches, lagoons full of wildlife, dolphin and whale watching tours, diving, snorkeling, surfing and sport fishing. These are some of the things you get to experience in this perfect paradise.

puerto angel beaches map

Playa Principal, the closest beach to Viewpoint and the hub of all fishing activities in the area.  The wharf is busiest in the mornings, where local fisherman bring in tuna, red snapper, sailfish, lobster and octopus. The beachfront is lined with chairs and umbrellas in front of restaurants serving this delicious fare, prepared just as you like it.  Watch the boats come in while you enjoy a cold cerveza and fresh seafood. Read more about Playa Panteon
Playa Panteon

About a mile East of Viewpoint at Puerto Angel is Playa Estacahuite.  This tight cove shelters you from the currents of the Pacific Ocean and has great little coral nooks making it great for snorkeling and swimming.  This small 300 foot beach has basic amenities in the form of a pair of palapa restaurants perched picturesquely above the beaches that provide food and drinks. Read more about Playa Estacahuite
Playa Estacahuite

La Mina is perfect for an enjoyable day with family & friends where you will relax on the fine-grained white sandy beach and soak up the sun.  The waters are calm in this small bay making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It is recommend to pack a lunch and refreshments for a day at La Mina as there is no tourist infrastructure. Read more about Playa La Mina
Playa La Mina


Nestled into the rugged cliffs and tropical vegetation is La Boquilla, a beautiful protected bay with clear waters & white sand. The Bahia de la Luna restaurant is located on the beautiful beach under thatched palapas and coco palms. Specializing in freshly prepared seafood and regional dishes, this is a dining experience you will remember. Read more about Playa La Boquilla
Playa La Boquilla

4 miles west of Puerto Angel is Playa Zipolite, a beach community best known for its amazing waves and ‘hippie’ culture.  This beach was featured in the Mexican blockbuster movie “Y tu mamá también.” and has become very popular with foreign tourists and backpackers.  Zipolite is also popular for it’s nudity, mostly on the west end, so be warned that you may get an eyeful if you go! The beach is lined by swaying palms, rustic cabanas, hotels, restaurants and hammocks. Read more about Playa Zipolite
Playa Zipolite

If you are seeking seclusion and a private getaway, Playa del Amor AKA ‘Lover’s Beach’ is the perfect spot. Set away from tourists and vendors, this beaches is surrounded by high cliffs making it the perfect place to get away for a romantic, relaxing day. Read more about Playa del Amor
Playa del Amor

This 1300 meter long beach is divided into 3 sections by rocky jut-outs that reach into the ocean.  The far west end of the beach is called Playa Rinconcillo, a well-sheltered area that is great for swimming.  This area is where most of the fishermen offer boat and sportfishing tours.  The easternmost section is called Playa Aragon which has strong waves and undertow. Read more about Playa San Agustinillo
Playa San Agustinillo

West of Puerto Angel is the beautiful Playa Mazunte. “Mazunte” is derived from a Nahuatl phrase, “maxotetia” meaning “please deposit eggs here” and is famous for the sea turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beach. Today the main attractions in Mazunte are the Mexican National Turtle Center and the Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte. Read more about Playa Mazunte
Playa Mazunte

With Playa Mazunte to the East and Playa Mermejita to the west, Punta Cometa is one of the most prominent peninsulas in the South Pacific.  Also named the Sacred Hill, Punta Cometa is Mexico’s most southwestern point in Mexico, a spectacular place where you can see the sun rise and set on the ocean year round from this magnificent view. Read more about Punta Cometa
Punta Cometa

Located 2 miles west of Mazunte is the seaside village of Playa Ventanilla. Ventanilla means `little window` and derives from the small opening in the high rocky peak at the east end of the beach. The fine white sand and clear waters extend all the way down to Puerto Escondido.   This playa is a great spot for a relaxing day at the beach or to take in the interesting and fun eco-tours offered. Read more about Playa Ventanilla
Playa Ventanilla